Is Your Boyfriend Cheating?

You may have some idea that your boyfriend is two timing, but you don’t know exactly what it is that is making you think this. He is acting strange. Possibly it is all in your mind, or maybe you are actually right. Have a look for a few of these characteristic signs. Ask yourself the next few posers:

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1.    Is he spending not as much time with you?  If he is constantly making excuses and canceling dates, he may be making time to be with another woman.

2.    Does he seem the same when you are both together?  If he doesn’t approach you or speak to you with the same degree of intimacy, it may be a clue that there is someone else.

3.    This can also be true of how he seems when you are out in public, or if he doesn’t want to go out in public with you to start with.

4.    Is he reticent about who is talking to on the phone? He may have the ringer switched off when he’s with you or make sure the phone isn’t where you can see it. If he answers phone calls near you, notice how he sounds. If he is being secretive  with the woman on the other end of the line, he may be lying to you both!

5.    Does he point out fault with you more than previously? This can be to justify the fact that he is cheating on you or because he has newfound interests in a new woman that he is temporarily fascinated with.

6.    Has he leaped to the defense of other adulterers?If before he was critical of these guys and now seems different, he may be opening up to their point of view.

7.    Has he bought you a new perfume?This may be a clever way of making sure he doesn’t get caught out with someone else’s perfume on him!

8.    Has his own look changed? Is he paying more attention to shaving, or maybe wearing aftershave. This is a sure sign that he is seeing another.

9.    has personal contact changed with you both? It could go either way. Possibly he will be up for all sorts of things that you wouldn’t have previously expected, or maybe he is finding excuses not to touch you at all.

10.    Has he suddenly acquired some new, personal effects that it seems unlikely he would have bought himself? A new ring could be a giveaway sign of a present from a mistress. Some men are very reticent when it comes to buying themselves new jewelry, so if your man is one of these and he suddenly starts getting new stuff, it could be a sign.

11.    Does he only wear new, perfect underwear? No matter how much of a slob he may have gotten to be around you, if he is seeing someone new, he’s definitely going to give more attention to these types of details.

You know your own man and relationship more than anyone else, and if you think there are overt signs of change, then there probably is something to worry about, although it is best not to get too carried away. Big differences in style, grooming, personal effects and behavior are often a clue of an affair. Careful though, be sure to get some definite evidence before you lay the charges, as nobody wants to be with someone who doesn’t believe them!

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