More About This Project

Infidelity [adultery] is considered by most people to be one of the two most serious transgressions married or otherwise exclusively committed partners can inflict on one another.

As our site name indicates, our basic editorial position is that infidelity is morally wrong and is to be avoided. The articles you will see posted here come from a variety of authors, with a wide range of opinions. We don’t necessarily agree with everything that appears in every article.

Some author may contend that a married man who just happens to glance at a firm, young beauty will forever burn in the fiery lakes of hell; while another might suggest that it’s perfectly okay for that same guy to feel up a coworker at the office Christmas party, since it’s only once a year. We don’t agree with either of these thoughts.

Generally, what we do think is that far too much harm is much too frequently caused by reckless, insensitive and unnecessary emotional and sexual behavior by those who have pledged their loyalty to a committed relationship.

Do you agree? Do you disagree? Good. Please read any of the individual article posts in any of the topics here and add your comment(s). All reasonable and respectful comments will be approved and posted.

Authors of relevant subjects are invited to present their positions on subtopics of infidelity from social, religious, psychological, or legal perspectives. If you have particular experience in this area, either personal or professional, we would welcome your participation as a guest contributor. Original articles as well as responses to the existing topic posts are invited. Please use the form on our Mail page to submit articles or to contact us with your suggestions and thoughts.