What is Adultery? What Does the Term Adultery Mean?

Adultery refers to infidelity in marriage: when two participants, where at least one of whom is married to another person, engages in sexual relations, even in passing.

They commit adultery. Christ condemns even adultery of mere desire. This definition basically says it all if you’re married and you have sex with someone who’s not your spouse, that’s adultery, fairly and simply.

Still. The definition also says two things, but I think it’s worth clarifying further. First, it says that even transient sexual relations are adultery. In this context, this word isn’t used often these days.

In fact, I wasn’t even sure what was meant by it. When I first read this document, it means temporary or short-term. What this is trying to say is that even very brief, limited, or one-time sexual affairs of others, if you’re married, are considered adultery if you’re not married, it’s fornication, but that’s another subject entirely.

Secondly, it says that Christ condemns even adultery of mere desire since we know that desires by themselves are never sinful. What is meant here by adultery-of-desire? Well, let’s look at the Bible passage.

Adultery and Lust

This refers to what we can glean from it, but I say to you, but whosoever shall look on a woman to lust after her, has already committed adultery with her in his heart Matthew, 5:28 Jesus does seem to be implying a sort of lust committed.

Purely through one’s thoughts, but he’s also referring to a decision, the decision to look lustfully at someone. We know this because the definition of lost implies three things: a desire for a lesser good of sex over a greater one, sex, based motives being involved, and some action word or thought actions.

Words and even thoughts can sometimes be involuntary. But each can be a voluntary action as well. For example, you can will yourself to think about ponies and then do so. Likewise, you can will yourself to think impure sexual thoughts and then do so, and this would be considered lust and therefore sin.

However, if you happen to think some sexual thought by accident, that’s not a sin, because it’s not an act of the will. So we arrive at the conclusion that when the Catechism says adultery of desire, what it means is intentionally fostered desires which conform to the definition of lust.

Therefore, adultery is infidelity to one’s spouse even on a momentary or short-term basis, and even if the extent of that infidelity is merely some intentional thought of an impure sexual nature, it’s easy to prove that adultery of this sort is also lustful, but given the fact that Committing adultery is clearly against the commandment to not commit adultery.

Adultery and Emotions in Relationships

I don’t think it’s necessary to explore the subject in too much detail. In summary, though, adultery fulfills, the three criteria for being a lustful action in acts against union with one’s spouse, one of the primary goods of sex in favor of other concerns, usually emotional ones.

Therefore, fulfilling criteria one, involves sex, fulfilling criteria; two, it’s an action word or thought fulfilling criteria. The abuser will most likely tell his or her mother that it was adultery and not admit to the infidelity. The parent will want to protect her child. The rest of the family members will be MELT with rage, sadness, and feelings of betrayal. This is the worst part. They can never find peace because there is trauma frozen in their hearts.

The one person that the rest of the family will turn to for comfort and healing is their compensation, or in this case, their therapist. They can spend days in therapy with this person. A good therapist is someone that understands the makeup of the Virus and the targets it hits. This is not like the movie FindingFUL tranquility, where the good guy is always noble and the bad guy is always sinister. This is more like the scenes from finding sensual bliss.

Adultery and Psychology

Learning about this virus and its effects on a person’s psychosexual abilities and becoming trapped into a pattern of deviant behavior is a lifelong process. It does not happen overnight. Infidelity touches all aspects of the person and the entire family. The treatment of this infidelity includes family members and often a therapist as well. Treatment for the sexual fidelity issue often starts with meeting the person’s needs.

First, be sure that there is a valid endeavor that you are looking to pursue that is not only about getting sex. This is because sex can lead to thinking that you have been cheated on. This will lead to resentment and sometimes to the bear hug syndrome. This is not to suggest that you do not love your partner; you are merely expressing that you are capable of feeling and expressing more.

Then you are in your own little world that is separate from the world of the real world. This is an island in the ocean of love that is unattached to anything real or not real. It is a place within yourself that you islands alone. If there is someone in the other person’s world that they want to know, you will be able to. You are able to open up and share the most intimate parts of yourself with someone else, but not in the open. Then, you are able to do this on many levels that you can’t do alone. Sex, who you are, and what you are creating in this virtual space are things that are not real but are also not wrong. What you are creating is a safe haven that is separate from the real thing. This virtual space that you create is actually a continuation of the real thing. So it is just as real as the real thing, but it is also different.

Effects of Adultery

There are many different types of infidelity, sexual or otherwise, and each person that enters into it is different. It is also different from the love that you feel for the one you are with. That love is able to take you to places that you may not otherwise be able to go. Infidelity can affect your unborn children, your friends, your father, your mother, or your spouse. Whatever the case the Force of infidelity can be felt in many ways. It can also be a force that is pushing you away from your core values.

There is no convenience to having adulterous activity. The pain of it can be felt for weeks, months, and even years. It also causes you physical and mental pain. All the infidelity scenarios described above make the pain of the entire adultery worse.

Adultery and the Pain of Infidelity

Bottom line: The pain of adultery is unbearable. There are no magic words to a woman’s heart. If you said those “magic words” to her she would just melt. There is no emotional or physical way to say those words. You can’t even tell a woman that you love her if you don’t love her.

The best way to find out if your woman is having adultery is by asking her. Ask her what she desires and then please do what you think that she desires. Oh yeah, and have you ever thought of telling her that you believe that she is sexy? Even if you are just talking with her and you think that is sexy, she may be secretive about it. If she says that she believes you are her sexiest, treat her for it. I mean why spend your entire life telling her that she is hot?

There is no worse advice than telling her that you don’t know what you are doing when it comes to sex and that you have probably had too many to drink to even undo yourself.

The Prevalence of Adultery

It is still very common for people to commit adultery and to not feel bad about it. Infidelity, as defined by the American Infidelity Association is not to commit adultery. Infidelity is taking a person’s failure to disclose sexual behavior to a partner and using that as a reason to commit adultery. Infidelity is making a partner believe that the reason your partner is not in the relationship is your sex drive. Communication is one of the best ways to tighten a closed relationship. If your partner is not talking to you about sex, then there could be a problem. If you want to be with your partner but are afraid to reveal your sexual desires to them then there is a problem.

This type of commit adultery is destructive and it should be treated with care. Partners should be allowed to express their sexual desires to each other. If your partner is not doing something they want you to do, then maybe you should try something new. You should not be threatened or shamed if you want to try something new, because this is often what brings couples together. After all, they have nobody to spend the rest of their lives with. At the end of the day, you have someone you care about and it is wonderful to share your time together.

Jealousy and Infidelity

So if there is some squabbling going on between you and your partner, and you feel some intense jealousy there is no reason to live with this person. You can talk about it and try to fix things, but the best way to handle it is to confront your partner and tell them what the problem is. This will allow them to understand where the problem is located and hopefully, they can fix the problem. At the same time, they will realize that the purpose of the jealousy is due to something the other person did that you either did not do something about or did not notice, but it does not have to be this way.