We’ve all been there. Somehow your man left, but you’re sure this is not the way it’s supposed to be. You had such a connection and so many good times Not to mention you were the only one who thought his lame jokes were actually funny! So maybe he just needs a little push to be reminded of how special you are and what he will be missing. In that case, here are several surefire ways of how to get him back fast. Soon, you’ll be snuggled up watching a film with your boyfriend!

1. Be confident! Nothing makes a guy come running faster than a beautiful confident woman This is probably why he fell for you in the first place. Now is not the time to beat yourself up and throw yourself a pity party. Sobbing and moping are not going to get his attention, but only cause you to look hopeless. Work it in that hot little black dress you have in your closet Your confidence will only remind him of what he’s missing, and help you meet your goal of how to get him back fast.

2. Show him you’ve learned from the past. Was there something that you and your boyfriend always disagreed upon? Did he complain that you sometimes acted a little controlling? I’m not suggesting that you change your personality for a man, but maybe there are a few things that you can improve upon. A little compromise can go a long way. Your boyfriend will probably give you a chance if you tell him that you are willing to work on some of your issues.

3. Remind him why he fell in love with you in the first place. A little reminder can always bring back the feelings of the past, and may be all he needs to realize that he can’t live without you. Remind him of that fabulous party you threw him for his birthday What about the time when you brought him chicken soup when he had the flu? It will be hard for him to remember why he isn’t with you, if you remind him of why he fell in love with you .

4. Look your best. Sometimes it’s hard to get out of your pajamas and put down the bag of chips when you’re sad about losing your man. But when you’re trying to learn ways to get him back fast, you have to be a constant reminder of his mistake in letting you go. You must look gorgeous and hot the next time you run into your man. Go get a new hairstyle and get your nails done. Not only will it make you feel better, but it will also show him that he made a mistake when he let you go. This is a surefire way of how to get him back fast.

5. Be positive. There is power in positive thinking! If you are sure about what you want, and don’t let negative thoughts get to you, you can become unbeatable. Focus on your goal of how to get him back fast, and stay positive!

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