Get Your Groove Back

Today is just not a good day.  If only I had the strength to move from this spot.  He’s been distant from me and doesn’t want to discuss where our marriage is going.  Since I found out he slept with another woman, they’ve grown closer and we’ve grown apart.  No one will quite understand how I feel.  My friends will provide harsh criticism.  I know they will laugh or yell at me for any choices I’d make because it’s not what they would do.  Unfortunately I’m not nearly as strong as any of my friends when it comes to relationships.  They know how to move on from their mistakes and the drama of a break-up.  I think about this day and night trying to figure out what I did wrong.  Perhaps, I should do what they say and then maybe this won’t happen again.  Do I leave him?  Do I call the other woman to yell at her or to ask her to let me work on my marriage?  Or do I let him do his own thing until he comes around to being my husband again?  I wonder who I should call first?  Maybe they know what to do…

Previously, our heartbroken female companion, Shirley, sat on the floor of her bedroom closet crying after having discovered evidence of her cheating spouse.  Perhaps days, weeks, months, or years have gone by where she has remained in a slump and has not emotionally recovered from this pain.  It appears she’s been in “that spot” for so long, she’s grown weak and unable to move on with a firm decision.  What is easy for one person to accomplish may not be as easy for others to do the same.  It is “easier said than done”…

How does she get out of her funk?  Who can she depend on?  Who can she trust?  Who can heal her heart when the one she thought was the man to end all men, let her down? How does she handle the negative criticism of her family and friends?  Does she listen to their opinions and advice or does she do What Jesus Would Do?

No matter what opinions and advice family and friends may provide, their response to a situation is not necessarily the final decision, nor is it the only option.  Unlike “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” where there are multiple choice questions and only one is the final answer, in life, there are multiple answers…she just have to decide for herself which is most feasible.

In every situation, good or bad, God needs and wants her to call on Him first.  Friends and family may have good incite and provide valuable opinions.  However, no one can dictate what she should do or tell her exactly how it should be done.  What family and friends would do is not necessarily what God would want her to do.  Their path is not necessarily her path.  She has to make decisions for herself and stand firm on that decision.  If her choice gives a less positive result than anticipated, it is okay for her to switch her game-plan.  Mistakes will be made, especially in her marriage.  Blame game is not important.  Getting back on track with the plan God has for her is the goal to achieve.  Falling down doesn’t mean failing.  If she falls, she has not failed.  She can get back up and get back in line.  She can acknowledge God’s ultimate control over her situation and allow Him to make corrections of any mistakes, problems, issues, heartache, wrongdoing, hurt, disappointment, fear, shortcomings.  God has a way of making something crooked, straight.  There is no problem that He is unable to solve.  So while our female companion sits on the floor contemplating the woes of life, God has already worked out the solution to her dilemma.  She need only trust in the Lord.  When she makes one step toward trusting Him, He will do the rest.

Proverbs 3:5,6:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto thine own understanding.  In all your ways, acknowledge Him and he shall make your paths straight.

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