Were you in a relationship with a man with whom you had strong emotions for and he split up with you?  Do you say to yourself all the time “I want my husband back”? If this is the case then read on to find out what you can do to get him back.

Initially you need to ensure that the emotions you have concerning getting him back are bona fide.  Do you only desire him back due to the fact that you are feeling lonely?  Do you sit around and think my husband left me and I desire him back again, but these emotions are just owing to the lonliness?  If you know that getting him back is absolutely what you desire, you can move to the next step.

You must make sure he feels the same feelings concerning you!  If he has no feelings for you and you are just denying this fact to yourself, you truly must move on.  It is hard, but it has to be done.  On the other hand,  If you know that he does have feelings for you then you can start off the process to get ex back again.

Think about who you were when you first met your ex.  Did you weigh less?  Were you carefree?  Did you have a lot of buddies that you hung out with?  Did you have hobbies and interests outside of of him?

Typically once in a relationship, your spouse takes up a lot of your time.  You get relaxed and you lose yourself in the partnership.  You lose your identity.  You stop investing time in your close friends and cease the leisure pursuits that made you joyful with yourself before you met your husband.  You must get become the individual you had been!

Think about it.  The happy, optimistic, fun loving woman you were is the person that your ex fell in love with initially.  Get back to being that woman.  Reconnect with good friends that you may have lost touch with since you were in the partnership with your ex.  Take up the hobbies that you may have let go through your relationship.

If you communicate with your ex, talk about the spots you went with each other where you know he had a really great time.  Remind him of the gown that you know he loves to see you wearing.  If you don’t fit into that gown, then work on your self until you do fit back into it.  The principal thing you have to do to attract your ex back again is to become the individual he fell in love with at the start of your partnership.

Be yourself.  You can only be your self!  Don’t try and be something you are not. Be the very best version of your self again.  Doing that will make you more desirable to your ex and you will have more chance of getting him back.

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