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Chatting, Sexting and Cyber-Cheating Examples

When is Cybersex Cheating? Technology is changing the ways affairs are started and conducted. Moreover, it’s no longer quite so easy to define what an affair is. Many people feel that online sexual liaisons don’t constitute infidelity because there’s no physical contact involved. However, others see it a little differently. While the internet provides opportunities […]


Is Your Husband Cheating on You?

Is your husband being unfaithful? This can be a rather difficult question to answer. Some cheating husbands are very good at covering up their tracks, so their wives never suspect a thing. Some wives are overly suspicious of innocent husbands because of past experiences in other relationships. If your husband really is cheating on you, […]


Digital Infidelity

On November 2nd a story titled Can Social Media Break Up A Marriage? by reporter Jennifer Ludden aired on National Public Radio. This story tells the tale of a guy in Minnesota whose wife started an emotional affair, which eventually blossomed into a physical affair after he bought her a cell phone with text messaging […]