Is your husband being unfaithful? This can be a rather difficult question to answer. Some cheating husbands are very good at covering up their tracks, so their wives never suspect a thing. Some wives are overly suspicious of innocent husbands because of past experiences in other relationships. If your husband really is cheating on you, he may unintentionally provide certain signs of his infidelity. Read on to learn more about the most typical indicators of a cheating husband.

Too Attentive
Unless your husband is a sociopath, cheating on you is going to make him feel terribly guilty. He may react to these feelings of remorse by being nicer to you than he usually would. For instance, a husband who is not usually romantic may begin to shower his wife with gifts, buy her flowers, provide extra hugs and kisses, and take her out on dates. If your husband suddenly begins to treat you much better than he usually would, perhaps you should be suspicious.

Cell Phone Oddness
If your husband is cheating, his cell phone will suddenly become more important to him than it once was. He may have his cell phone next to him at all times. If his cell phone rings and you go to answer it, he will become agitated. Your husband may leave the room to take phone calls, and talk in a very quiet voice. If you answer his cell phone and the line goes dead, you should definitely be concerned. Of course, your husband may be too wily to conduct communications with his mistress via his cell phone. He could use his computer instead. Be wary of the husband who spends excessive amounts of time on his laptop or desktop computer, especially if he does so after he thinks you have gone to sleep.

Extra Grooming
If your man suddenly develops more of an interest in fitness and grooming, he could be cheating on you. A cheating husband may spend more time in front of the mirror than usual. He may begin wearing cologne more often, or buy lots of new clothes. He may even invest in a gym membership after years of being a bit of a couch potato. An unfaithful spouse might take extra pains with his appearance in the interest of pleasing his new lover.

Losing Interest
Has your husband stopped taking an interest in what the kids have been up to? Has he stopped asking you about your day? Is he less interested in family life in general? A cheating spouse could become preoccupied with the drama of his relationship with the other woman. Hence the everyday aspects of family life will seem a lot less interesting to him than they once did.

Heavy Workload
Is your husband suddenly working a lot more overtime than he used to? Have business trips become more frequent? Does he phone you and apologize for having to work late on a regular basis? If your husband is sincerely working extra hours, the additional wages will show up on his pay checks. Take a look at his bills, pay checks, receipts and banks account. Any inconsistencies could be a sign of infidelity.

Altered Sex Life
If your husband is having an affair, he may not want to have sex with you as often as he once did. A drop in the frequency of sexual intercourse is not necessarily a sign of infidelity. It could also be a result of stress, exhaustion or poor physical health. However, some husbands do lose interest in sex with their wives when having an affair. Other men want to make love to their wives more often than they once did. That’s because regular sex can actually increase a person’s sexual appetite. If the frequency of sex with your husband has changed, it could be a sign that he’s cheating on you.

Strange Attitudes
Have your husband’s opinions and behaviors suddenly changed? Is he taking an interest in certain movies, books or music that did not appeal to him in the past? Is he chatting about subjects that did not interest him before? Is he behaving in a way that is atypical for him? Has he come up with any unusual jokes or anecdotes lately? Has he changed his mind on issues he used to feel strongly about? Any strange behaviors, interests or opinions could be a cause for concern.

Very Defensive
If your husband is having an affair, he will be afraid of you discovering his indiscretions. If he thinks that you suspect him, he will become very defensive. If your husband reacts angrily when you ask him certain questions, be on your guard. Your husband may ask if you are accusing him of being unfaithful. He may even accuse you of infidelity, or want to discuss the subject of cheating in a philosophical way. If the subject of infidelity takes on new significance to your husband, it could be because he is being unfaithful.

If your husband is cheating, you will probably have a gut feeling that something is wrong. If your intuition tells you that your husband is being unfaithful, you could be correct. You know your husband because you see him every day and live in the same house. If he changes in some way, you will probably notice it fairly quickly. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to be careful with intuition because it can be wrong. If you’ve been cheated on in previous relationships, you could feel insecure and misread the signs because you are overly suspicious.

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