Digital Infidelity

On November 2nd a story titled Can Social Media Break Up A Marriage? by reporter Jennifer Ludden aired on National Public Radio. This story tells the tale of a guy in Minnesota whose wife started an emotional affair, which eventually blossomed into a physical affair after he bought her a cell phone with text messaging capabilities.

The premise of this story appears to be that technology and social media offers significant opportunity for couples to get caught up into relationships that probably would not have developed twenty years ago. Today, where everyone has their own personal communication devices that can deliver private messages, it may seem much less inappropriate to send a co-worker a “…how you doing?” message late in the evening. In fact, it is not less inappropriate, just less inconvenient.

This article also has an interesting sidebar with tips on keeping your marriage “Facebook-Fight free.” This story has audio of 4 minutes and twenty-five seconds. After reading or listening to this treatment of digital-age infidelity, please return here and comment.

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