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The Good Husband

Have no fear ladies, chivalry still exists. There are still men who tell their wives to just wake up and they’ll do the rest. George Bailey’s still “lasso the moon” for their wives. Not every relationship ends in divorce. Wives do actually have a fighting chance of being number one in their spouses’s life and […]


The Truth About Love

John stayed on his cell phone constantly while Shirley looked on in amazement.  She could have sworn she was discussing their finances as it was important to avoid soon foreclosure on their dream home.  After finding out about his plans to be with the other woman permanently, and having him trudge in and out of […]


What You Need in Order to Have a Happy Marriage

There are certain things that are absolutely required to have a fulfilling and happy marriage. Without such requirements, you’re likely to have a long, difficult experience trying to construct a relationship that works. Not having all or most of these things in place is the reason why the current divorce rate is so high. One […]