The Truth About Love

John stayed on his cell phone constantly while Shirley looked on in amazement.  She could have sworn she was discussing their finances as it was important to avoid soon foreclosure on their dream home.  After finding out about his plans to be with the other woman permanently, and having him trudge in and out of her life…from his mother’s house back to her house…she was utterly confused as to how she could save her marriage.  There was more fighting than there was hope.  He had now starting calling the other woman in her presence without even thinking what irreparable damage he was doing to their relationship. She had articles on relationships, self help books, and  read enough biblical scripture to know that she should experience joy…at some point in this marriage. 

If you are like Shirley, you want answers and you want them NOW!  But indeed good things come to those who wait.  Now is the perfect time to change yourself rather than attempting to change your mate.  Dr. Brenda Shoshanna provides low cost quality relationship counseling, and she is a licensed Psychologist and Psychoanalyst.  You will learn how to effectively communicate, how to stop the fighting, and even learn positive reinforcements to begin a healthy relationship.

This information is valuable whether you are single and want to learn about marriage, whether you are engaged and want to learn how to survive, if you are tired of dead end relationships, or if you are on the brink of divorce and really want to make things work. 

 Dr. Shoshanna teaches you:

  • How to renew your love for your partner and for yourself
  • How to learn the difference between real love and counterfeit love
  • How to get your partner to talk and to communicate back with you
  • Exercises that will heal difficult marital issues
Get Counseling for a LOW COST!

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