There are certain things that are absolutely required to have a fulfilling and happy marriage. Without such requirements, you’re likely to have a long, difficult experience trying to construct a relationship that works. Not having all or most of these things in place is the reason why the current divorce rate is so high.

One would be surprised at the large number of relationships that don’t possess the characteristics required for a good and stable marriage. Typically, this is due to couples making the decision to get married without determining their true compatibility with each other.

The marriage requirements are quite basic; the first thing you need to consider is that, if your relationship doesn’t meet these standards, you can do something about it. Don’t write-off a relationship simply because it doesn’t appear to match all of the requirements. With ample desire, and a modicum of work, most couples can make it fit.

Okay then. Note that there are four primary necessities for a happy marriage. Each of these is essential, though all of them are not necessarily of equal importance. If, in fact, all of these are present at the outset, the probability for a long-lasting marriage is quite high. The following list is not sorted by importance. We recognize that different personalities and/or cultures may value any of these items more than another.

Happily married couples have deep mutual respect for one another. This entails taking each other’s concerns and issues seriously; they don’t disregard their partners’ feelings, deeming them to be frivolous or unimportant. Marriages that begin with a lack of respect start with an unstable foundation that seldom gets stronger.

Good Communication
Can you be frank? The ability to say what’s on your mind and get your point across successfully is one of the most essential requirements in a marriage. Being able to communicate about situations, both good and bad, enables you to work through future problems that will eventually occur. Obviously, the inability to work through problems will lead to a failed marriage.

Common Objectives
A sense of teamwork. Trust. While a well-yoked couple might not have identical goals, they do need to have objectives which can be considered thoroughly compatible. If, for example, one partner wants to have kids and the other one definitely does not, this is a critical issue; in fact, it is likely to be a deal-breaker. Determine in the very beginning what you both want and need and you’ll be able to build a marriage more likely to last.

This may surprise some — but it shouldn’t. This may be the most crucial of marriage requirements. So many people disregard this or willing to minimize it, marrying out of obligation, biological clock issues, or simply to avoid loneliness. Take real stock of your relationship; be sure that you are in love with your future spouse and are not just using him/her to fill an emotional deficit. Typically, by the time you feel true love for someone, most of the requirements mentioned above are already in place, or well on the path toward development.

Don’t worry if some of the stated marriage requirements are currently lacking. With time and a little work, they can be developed. Start with a strong plan and use these requirements to put together a system to make your marriage the best that it can be.

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