The Good Husband

Have no fear ladies, chivalry still exists. There are still men who tell their wives to just wake up and they’ll do the rest. George Bailey’s still “lasso the moon” for their wives. Not every relationship ends in divorce. Wives do actually have a fighting chance of being number one in their spouses’s life and mistresses aren’t even a thought, let alone a number one contender. You are not counted out gentleman. There are even women who are madly in love with their husbands enough to nominate them as husbands of the year. These women want to showcase to the world that they have found the good men who are so hard to find.

Infidelity hurts, but there’s at least one couple in the world who can provide hope that love still exists. Check out this episode from “The Talk” and see why this wife nominated her husband and why Redbook selected him as America's Hottest Husband.

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