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Why Do Women Get Upset When Their Partner Looks At Other Women?

A perennial problem for ages, women never like their lovers / partners to stare at other women. A case like these is frequent and often becomes the reason for fights or quarrels. In a relationship, a woman expects total commitment and devotion from the partner. The question is – does staring amount to cheating?

Of course not! Being a woman myself, I would not consider this as cheating. ‘Staring’ is not a problem; problem is when men start ‘ogling’, and believe me, there is a fine line of difference between both. Humans are by nature not monogamous, that’s how we are wired. We are polygamous but it is by choice that we decide not to be polygamous. For men, this is slightly different.

Though I suggest women should never take ‘staring’ seriously, what you should take seriously is when men start ‘ogling’. Ogling means he is checking out other women and somewhere at the back of their mind, they are comparing both women, which is completely unacceptable.

Such men do not believe in long-term relationship. They always look for greener pastures and would do anything to gain the attention of other women. So, what I suggest to women is, first, identify what type of ‘stare’ that is and then react.

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Does Online Cheating Really Exist?

With social networking on the rise and increased exposure or inclination to share personal details online, cheating also has acquired new platform. Few days back I read in the newspaper that a woman caught her husband cheating online. How?

The husband had posted his wedding pictures with the new woman online and luckily or unluckily, the wife knew the woman’s name. She searched her on Facebook and behold! She sees the misery of her life unfolding before her.

A case like these is on the rise. Some women even consider virtual love a form of cheating. There are men who love to spend hours online chatting away with mysterious or ‘unknown’ women and even share their pictures online. A wife had found her husband sharing his nude pictures with an unknown woman online, who was supposedly his ‘friend’. Now what person in his right mind would do that?

Yes, online cheating is on the rise. But the problem is it is hard to detect or let’s say time consuming. People seem no more satisfied with what they have and continuously look out for greener pastures. But what sense does it make ‘dating’ unknown women online?

Grow up men!

Are Men Genetically Wired to Cheat?

Well let’s keep the term ‘cheating’ for later. Let’s begin by admitting that men are naturally or genetically wired to seek women who are suited best for procreating. No matter how we progress technologically and become ‘civilized’, we must never forget what our forefathers were like thousands of years ago.

When men choose women, they sense if the woman can be the best person to have children with. This is why in earlier cultures, a barren woman was practically ostracized from the society. In modern day, this is one of the ways we understand cheating. Men also cheat for various other reasons too and they are not hard to find out.

What a woman should always keep in mind, even when she shares the ‘perfect’ relation with her husband, is that no one is infallible. We are by nature polygamous but by choice choose to remain monogamous. In fact, if you see the earlier societies, men and women were allowed to have as many partners as they wanted – the concept of ‘harem’.

But now things are different. We choose to spend the rest of our lives with one person and if that person cheats on you, it’s best to end the relation and move on.