Well let’s keep the term ‘cheating’ for later. Let’s begin by admitting that men are naturally or genetically wired to seek women who are suited best for procreating. No matter how we progress technologically and become ‘civilized’, we must never forget what our forefathers were like thousands of years ago.

When men choose women, they sense if the woman can be the best person to have children with. This is why in earlier cultures, a barren woman was practically ostracized from the society. In modern day, this is one of the ways we understand cheating. Men also cheat for various other reasons too and they are not hard to find out.

What a woman should always keep in mind, even when she shares the ‘perfect’ relation with her husband, is that no one is infallible. We are by nature polygamous but by choice choose to remain monogamous. In fact, if you see the earlier societies, men and women were allowed to have as many partners as they wanted – the concept of ‘harem’.

But now things are different. We choose to spend the rest of our lives with one person and if that person cheats on you, it’s best to end the relation and move on.

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