With social networking on the rise and increased exposure or inclination to share personal details online, cheating also has acquired new platform. Few days back I read in the newspaper that a woman caught her husband cheating online. How?

The husband had posted his wedding pictures with the new woman online and luckily or unluckily, the wife knew the woman’s name. She searched her on Facebook and behold! She sees the misery of her life unfolding before her.

A case like these is on the rise. Some women even consider virtual love a form of cheating. There are men who love to spend hours online chatting away with mysterious or ‘unknown’ women and even share their pictures online. A wife had found her husband sharing his nude pictures with an unknown woman online, who was supposedly his ‘friend’. Now what person in his right mind would do that?

Yes, online cheating is on the rise. But the problem is it is hard to detect or let’s say time consuming. People seem no more satisfied with what they have and continuously look out for greener pastures. But what sense does it make ‘dating’ unknown women online?

Grow up men!

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