A perennial problem for ages, women never like their lovers / partners to stare at other women. A case like these is frequent and often becomes the reason for fights or quarrels. In a relationship, a woman expects total commitment and devotion from the partner. The question is – does staring amount to cheating?

Of course not! Being a woman myself, I would not consider this as cheating. ‘Staring’ is not a problem; problem is when men start ‘ogling’, and believe me, there is a fine line of difference between both. Humans are by nature not monogamous, that’s how we are wired. We are polygamous but it is by choice that we decide not to be polygamous. For men, this is slightly different.

Though I suggest women should never take ‘staring’ seriously, what you should take seriously is when men start ‘ogling’. Ogling means he is checking out other women and somewhere at the back of their mind, they are comparing both women, which is completely unacceptable.

Such men do not believe in long-term relationship. They always look for greener pastures and would do anything to gain the attention of other women. So, what I suggest to women is, first, identify what type of ‘stare’ that is and then react.

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