Why Women Cheat…Part 2

Taken from the perspective of both men and women, I have compiled a list of reasons/excuses as to why women cheat. Women cheat because:

  1. Men cheat first
  2. Lack of emotional intimacy
  3. No emotional support system
  4. Low to non-existent self-esteem
  5. Too much self-esteem where she thinks she can have multiple men
  6. Lack of financial, emotional, spiritual and/or mental security
  7. They’ve been hurt too many times by their mate or someone from their past
  8. They’ve stopped trusting men
  9. They’re promiscuous
  10. Their mate is no longer attractive to them
  11. Their mate is not treating them right and is neglecting them
  12. They’re not satisfied sexually
  13. They’re purposefully looking for outside entertainment
  14. They’re doing what they see others do on television or on the internet
  15. They’re lonely
  16. Repeated infidelity from their mate
  17. Their friends encourage them to cheat
  18. They’d rather be single and are looking for a way out of the relationship
  19. Opportunity to cheat is in front of them
  20. They want revenge for being hurt by their mate

Most men do not think their woman would cheat. Although men tend to get caught more than women, whose to say women don’t cheat more than men, yet find ways to cover their tracks so as to not get caught? How do you know that your woman hasn’t absorbed the game and learned the mistakes of what not to do to get caught. If her husband or boyfriend constantly cheats and is getting caught, she can master the art of cheating without becoming as exposed as her mate. Is this the right thing to do? Is it okay to cheat? How can you catch her? What would you do if you caught her?

Now that you know some reasons why she cheats, get information on how to catch her

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