Why Do Women Cheat?…Part 1

I asked a group of individuals, both male and female, their perspective on why women cheat.  Interestingly enough a few of the reasons vary from lack of intimacy to lack of security in the relationship.  Some would argue that women cheat just because men cheat and that’s solid enough to continue cheating as usual.  It’s an endless cycle of disrespect.  He cheats because she’s cheated and she cheats because he’s cheated.  Or it can be a cycle of what has occurred in their past.  She cheats because men before him has cheated and she will not trust him completely enough to let him be the only man in her life.  Whatever the reasons behind why women or even why men cheat, a few things are clear:

  1. There is no love in the relationship.  True love casts out fear.  So if you were truly in love and cared about your mate, you would have no fear of being hurt or mistreated.  You could literally “fall” in love over and over each day with no fear that your mate will betray you emotionally or physically with another woman or man.
  2. There is no respect for the other person.  Respect is free to give and is earned by actions.  It is an invaluable gift that is given and received.  When you cheat on your mate, you are telling them, “I don’t really respect you enough to be faithful to you, so I’m going to try someone else”.
  3. There is no security or reassurance that the relationship will last.  If you are constantly questioning your mates whereabouts or wondering if they are telling the truth, chances are security has been breached and your relationship will either sink or swim. 

With no love, respect, or security in your marriage or relationship, you have only two choices…you can either jump ship or ride out the storm.

How to catch your cheating [woman] lover

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