Who Cheats More? Men or Women?

It may be quite difficult to answer that question outright.  If you’re a skeptic you would say, women cheat just as much, however they are less likely to get caught.  If you’re a woman scorned by a recent breakup, you’d say, men cheat and cannot stop cheating.  Let’s look at scenarios of men and women who cheat.  At the end, provide your feedback as to who you think cheats more…men or women.  Why or Why not?

  1. Gina is a married mom of three.  She loves her spouse, but fell out of love with him as the years went by.  He doesn’t provide for her financially as much as she’d like.  They are always bickering over bills and the lack of money to pay the bills.  He used to take pride in his appearance and would work out constantly.  Gina adored his body, but lately has noticed his lackluster attitude toward moving from the bed or couch.  It disturbed her, but her husband’s only defense was that he didn’t need to do anything other than go to work and come home to peace and quiet.  He stopped showing affection in public months ago, and now she couldn’t even recall the last time they’d been intimate in private.  Despite her pleas and prayers to make her relationship better, her husband would not budge.  He yelled at her one day and told her to “do what you do and leave me alone”.  Tired, frustrated, overworked (at home and at work), and lonely…Gina did just that.  She left him alone and was now staring across the dinner table at another man. Be in Love again and Save your Marriage
  2. Fred couldn’t help himself.  He had to call her one more time to hear her voice.  He missed her and was dreadfully sorry he had even told her he was married. His wife stopped paying attention to him the moment he proposed years ago.  Her world was consumed with work, school, children, and other things in life, but not him.  She barely cooked dinner, never kissed him when she walked in the house from work, and sex was non-existent.  So Fred waits until his wife leaves for work every morning to meet his mistress for coffee, conversation, and intimacy. The women men adore and never want to leave
  3. Diane had been single for four years before meeting her new boyfriend.  She was used to her freedom and ability to go anywhere she wanted without checking in or communicating her whereabouts.  Her new boyfriend, however, seemed too controlling and always wanted to know where she was and what she was doing.  He was paranoid about every little thing, and if another man so happened to glance at Diane, he’d yell at her instead and accuse her of having an affair.  Even though she wanted to get married some day, she didn’t know if she would marry him if he proposed.  She indulged her temptations and went on several blind dates from men she met on the internet.  She refused to be tied down to someone controlling.  That behavior could lead to abuse. Test your relationship to see if he/she is the one
  4. Reggie was a player.  Football, basketball, soccer, and women.  Those were  his “sports” and no one would distract him from playing in his field.  Every good player has an amazing coach guiding him or her.  Every good man has an amazing woman standing beside him and coaching him too.  Reggie, unfortunately, did not want any female coaches when it came to matters of the heart.  He was arrogant.  There was a different woman every night.  All of whom thought they were “the only one”.  He just didn’t have the heart to tell them he wasn’t looking for love, relationships, or to get married.  He’d romance them, have sex, and then organize his women as if he were organizing pairs of socks.  No one woman knew about the other.  Not according to his plans. Players Guide to picking up Women


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