Porn Detector iBot™

Porn Detector iBot™Product Overview: Analyzes your computer for pornographic images with 99% accuracy. Locates deleted images Searches through any media drive or portable device Leaves no traces behind after a search Portable design lets you take the Porn Detector iBot™ with you anywhere. Advanced Tool Finds Pornographic Images On Your Computer - Even If They're Deleted.

The Porn Detector iBot™ is the ultimate computer forensic tool thanks to its advanced image analyzing algorithms that locate any potentially pornographic images on your computer. To track internet activity and monitor porn usage simply plug the Porn Detector iBot™ into your computer's USB port and let the device go to work by identifying images by facial features, flesh tone colors, image backgrounds, body part shapes, and more. The device will monitor porn usage and track internet activity to locate pornographic images with up to 99% accuracy--even if the images were deleted. After you've searched your computer for pornographic images, the device lets you wipe your computer clean of any illicit images. Once you unplug the USB stick, it will leave no clues or traces that you've ever searched the computer.

Key Benefits:
Find out what people are really doing on your computer. Track internet activity and scan your entire computer for pornographic images 99% accurate. Monitors porn usage, even if the pictures were deleted. Completely covert and leaves no trace of search.

Popular Uses:
Find out if your kids or your significant other are downloading porn. See what your employees are really doing on company time Find out if porn got onto your computer accidentally. Be secure in knowing exactly what is hiding on your hard drive. Top digital forensics tool for law enforcement and private investigators.

Uses advanced image analyzing algorithms that categorize images as potentially harmful by identifying facial features, flesh tone colors, image back grounds, body part shapes, and more. With less than 1% false positive indications you'll be sure to get accurate results. Track internet activity and monitor porn usage and scan through images that have been deleted and can restore them. Fast search - can search a 500 Gb hard drive with over 70,000 images in only about an hour and a half. Leaves nothing on the target computer as all the software runs right off the USB drive. Searches through Internet Explorer and Firefox cache files "Blur" option protects you from seeing unwanted images. Scans archives (ZIP, RAR, etc.). Can search any external drive or portable device Image analyzing software is installed on a USB drive for portability. Wipe your computer clean of illicit images. Includes: Porn Detector iBot™. Check Out Other Surveillance Tools for Computer or Cell Phone Monitoring

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