They stayed in a small room overlooking a pool.  While she lay on the bed exhausted from a long flight and resting her body to prepare to have sex with the man of her dreams, he sat in a chair across from the bed staring at her and wondering what was he about to get into.  He thought of his wife and children who were at home thinking that he was out of town on business and making money for the family.  His wife had lost her job and although she managed their savings well so that they could survive, he knew going to school to become a certified electrician just wasn’t going to pay the bills presently.  He just needed an outlet to take the pressure off of his duties as a husband.  Finding a permanent job was his focus, and he used that excuse to lie to his wife.  She wouldn’t follow him or question his whereabouts if she thought he was out of town making money.

In that regard, she respected his manhood.

He was regretting  what he was about to do.  How could he get out of this situation?  He had planned an entire month in advance for this woman to fly into his city, meet him discreetly at this hotel, and make love to her the way he wanted to make love to his wife.  He was afraid to back out because what if this new woman could replace his wife and be as perfect as she claimed in her text messages and emails, what then?  He only wanted his wife to stop complaining about being the sole provider of the house and to clean up after himself.  He just lacked the communication skills to tell her to calm down and allow him to be the man she needed.  Instead, he shelled up and moved on without giving his wife an opportunity to decide what would happen next in their marriage.

He moved on without his wife’s knowledge and his mistress advised him that it was for the best.  The other woman had already contacted real estate agents to assist them in finding a house together, and she was already contacting lawyers on his behalf to annul his current marriage.  It was easy in her eyes to just walk away.  She even advised that separation from his wife was best and he should do it quickly and quietly.  There was just one problem.  His wife was eight months pregnant and the baby was already having complications due to stress.  His unborn child and the health of his wife were important to him.  He just did not know who to put first .  Himself, his wife, his child, his mistress…

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