Is the other woman upset that your husband is into you again?  Ladies, don’t be surprised by this.  Mistresses feel a blow to their own ego after they’ve sacrificed and deceived and connived your husband to become “their love slave”, only to have him  FALL BACK IN LOVE WITH HIS WIFE.

About two years ago, I encountered this same odd predicament.  You are not the only one who, at this time, may have a question mark tatted above your head while tilted to the side wondering, “How does a MISTRESS get mad because my husband is working on our marriage?”  Like me, you probably turned to family, friends, and God for answers.  Most of my companions encouraged me to let go of my marriage and start fresh with someone else.  Others advised me to wait out the bad times and pray for both my husband and his other woman.  This not only affected me emotionally, but it began breaking down the bond I created with my children.  The lack of respect my husband had shown me during that ordeal, gave them the impression that it was “okay” to disrespect women and to cheat for no reason.  No one quite understood why I took my spouse back and allowed him to work on our marriage.  It wasn’t their decision to make.  It was mine.  I decided that he was worth the fight.  Instead of fighting physically with the other woman constantly, I backed down on nagging him, and I refrained from contacting her.  Difficult as it was, I knew at some point, that my husband would become more attracted to me if I tried this method.  If you are like me and MUST HAVE the last word, discontinuing the nagging and prank phone calls or emails to the other woman is difficult.  Back then I only wanted them to feel the pain I felt.  I bugged, I irritated and I upset them both.  Then it occurred to me, I spent more time focused on his mistress and less time focusing on making my marriage work.  So, I decided to emotionally and spiritually battle my marriage.  I did what wives were asked of God to do….become his helper.  The rest of the tasks that I couldn’t handle, I gave to God to show me why He’s called God. 

My ego had to be set aside.  My stubborn, hardheaded, got-to-have-the-last-word ways had to be put on hold in order for God to move in both our hearts and revamp what we both messed up.  I had to learn to be his everything and drive him wild.  I had to take the time to appreciate what he’s done for my family and who he was as a man.  Instead of pushing him into the arms of another woman, I pulled him back into my arms without breaking a sweat or working too hard. 

Learn how to take your husband from his mistress!

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  1. sandy Avatar

    it hurts and it keeps hurting and months and years, miles doesn’t change the reality of it.

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