It’s good to know that you can find psychotherapists who are trained in the specialty of marital conflict resolution. These marriage counselors help couples to improve their relationships by facilitating the type of communication that can strengthen the bond that is needed to stave off a likely separation or divorce.

Marriage counseling is a respected specialty within the psychology and sociology fields. A good marriage counselor will instruct couples on how to steer clear of emotional landmine fields that could could do further damage to an already troubled situation. The demeanor of the counselor will set the tone for successful treatment of a client couple’s issues.

What do you need to know when attempting to find a good marriage counselor? First, find out about the qualifications of the counselor. It’s not too bold to ask where he or she was educated. Check the web site of the professional governing body for psychotherapists or counselors in your state or province. See if there is any information about the counselor or the counselor’s licensing status, if appropriate. Of course, you will also want to inquire about fee structure and scheduling of sessions.

Stress eventually becomes a factor in every marriage. Excessive alcohol or drug usage, financial problems, and issues surrounding the upbringing of minor children can all stretch a relationship to the limits. Of course, far too many couples at some time experience the pain of marriage infidelity, sexlessness or infertility. Many couples initially attempt to get informal counseling and emotional support from friends and family. Of course, this is a good thing.

Sometimes, only one member of the couple is willing to undergo counseling. While it is ideal for both partners to attend the sessions, one individual can make some significant improvement in the situation by himself or herself. Open discussion is important so that the marriage counselor is fully aware of all of the issues affecting the current situation. Experienced marriage counselors can involve knowledgeable medical colleagues when necessary to help diagnose and treat any issues of depression, anxiety, or physiological problems that may be suspected.

Marriage counseling has helped many couples to resolve conflicts, save their marriage, and restore a semblance of happiness to their married life.

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  1. koku Avatar

    Great tips. You are right. Too often people act in the moment, when emotions are high and you say stupid things.
    Agree with a lot of what you are saying.

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