Almost every relationship and marriage has its own individual set of problems and happiness. However, one of the major marriage problems usually comes from the misunderstandings of both husband and wife. If you have read from past articles about how to solve marriage problems, many times most of them talk about money issues, separation and divorce, and mistrust from both husband and wife.

Although the above three issues are somewhat fact that couples need to face, the actual marriage problems comes from lack of love and attention. Why is that so?

Simply put, our life is too busy and the majority of us needed to work long hours to support spouses and children, and, because of that, we are spending more time in our company offices than at home. When we knock off from work, what we long to have is to have a peaceful evening that allows us to totally forget our work and relax our body and mind.

Most of the marriage problems start here.

This is because, we human beings like to be cared for and showered with attention whether we are happy or feeling down. So, when we drag ourselves back from work or had a bad day at work, what we long for is the love from our spouse.

Although, sometimes, our loved ones know our situation, they will show their love and attention however, not constantly and the spouse is expecting some kind of tender love and attention. But when either party does not get it, they will start to think otherwise. As days go by; the affected party will start doing things that will grab their spouse’s attention.

They are doing it deliberately.

If the spouse feels that the action taken by the other party annoys them, the affected party will be putting up defenses around themselves and begin questioning them without knowing what their love one does is to only get their attention and care.

As a result, if not handled properly, this will result in more marriage problems that will hurt the marriage relationship. This is the turning point of a marriage. Married couples will start to yell, bring up financial issues, children issues, family burdens, work burdens and much more.

But still, the reason why all these issues are being brought up is to bring more attention to the affected party.

Emotions are hard to manage in the heat of argument, but if we take the extra care and attention with our spouse, all these may have been prevented and communications may have improved.

For those who have marriage problems right this moment, sit back and think back what makes it a big problem with you and your spouse. Typically, it really is just that you need love and particular attention or just want to find someone to talk to.

If that is the case, put aside your ego and talk to your spouse nicely and help save marriage together before your relationship turns into divorce.

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