An emotional affair is a relationship that occurs between someone other than their spouse or lover.  It usually happens when the couple has conflict in their relationship. An affair creates an emotional distance in the marriage and relationship. There are many reasons and ways an emotional affair may start and both partners could be at blame sometimes.  To keep a relationship going it is important to resolve the intimacy problems so that there is no need of any affairs.

Some signs of an unfaithful partner are when he or she spends excessive time with an opposite gender and shares emotional feelings and secrets with someone else rather than their own spouse.  A person hides his or her meetings with someone else from their spouse by lying about their daily activities or just not mentioning meeting with the person intentionally.  If one is faithful there should be no need to hide meeting other friends or people from your spouse. When fights and arguments are increased between husband and wife, it could be due to the third person who may seem better to the unfaithful partner.

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To be faithful to your partner and avoid emotional affairs you just have to pay attention to a few things that could lead you to a situation you wouldn’t want or need.  Emotional betrayal is not mostly planned.  Innocent friendship often goes too far and become intimate.  Keep your business relationships professional and stay away from meeting apposite gender colleagues outside of work.  If for some reason you have to meet outside of work, make your meeting in a public place where it’s a bit difficult to become too close. Invite other friends at lunches and dinners because there are less chances of emotional infidelity in a company of two or more friends.

Discussing your personal life often can start an emotional affair. Avoid regular personal conversations with the same person every time you talk to them, especially not to share your personal feelings with them.  When you start enjoying conversations with others more than your partner, it could be the beginning of an emotional affair.

Another way to stay away from emotional affairs is to avoid friendly hugs and kisses, and dancing with opposite gender and also avoid drinking around opposite gender. Remember it mostly starts from apparently innocent actions.

Show your commitment to your spouse regularly just by saying I love you.

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