It’s Valentine’s Day. You aren’t sure what to do for your wife. You need inspiration and you aren’t getting any. You’ve looked all over the place and you have run out of ideas. Here’s how not to tell her you love her this Valentine’s Day. You do not want to be served divorce papers this February 15. (Yes, Valentine’s Day is February 14 every year.)

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Do not buy her anything to use in the kitchen. She may complain that the coffee maker is too slow or her electric can opener doesn’t work. You think you are being thoughtful by replacing these items and it is thoughtful. Nothing says love like a new coffee maker, right? Your wife does not want either of these for Valentine’s Day. Electrical appliances are not romantic and can be thrown easily, even if your wife is small.

Do not buy flowers from the gas station. This should be self explanatory, but many men have come home with that single flower in a bud vase. A bigger mistake is buying twelve of these half dead roses. This will tell your wife that you thought of her on your way home when you stopped to get gas and now you are trying to overcompensate with a dozen.

Do not buy your wife lingerie. Let’s get real. Lingerie is not for your wife but for you. A secondary issue with lingerie is sizing. Buy it too big and she can get insulted, buy it too small and you’ve got the same issue.

Avoid fast food restaurants for your romantic dinner. Dollar menus say to your wife, “I’m cheap and I want to get home in time for the game.” Save the fast food restaurant for a night out with the kids.

So, as Valentine’s Day approaches, do NOT wait for the last minute. Find your wife a nice gift. Write her a love poem. It is all in the preparation. Being ready for Valentine’s Day will let your wife know that you did not forget her and this holiday that lands many husbands in the dog house.

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