How often it truly is that we see or meet people in troubled relationships – couples in trouble. We are all facing more sources of stress in our lives and in our relationships. When you pile on the effects of a down economy you have set the stage for even greater stress levels. This very often leads to an unending series of disagreements and fights. Justification aside, most couples in stressed relationships typically initiate their next round of bickering the same way. They start with their latest point of disagreement or pet peeve. When two people begin to discuss their relationship or specific issues within it in this manner, there is little chance of either harmony or resolution. We are dedicating this article to the presentation of a single idea for avoiding that same ‘starting mad’ notion.

We all appreciate being appreciated! This is basic human nature 101 and it looms as a huge potential contributor to greatly improved communications with our partners. When someone – partner or not – hears something that you value in them or what they have done it definitely resonates. The initial reaction may simply be a smile but it rarely ends there. The same holds true of our partners. Beginning any serious interaction with your partner by offering some stated level of appreciation about them or their actions has two purposes. A thorough understanding of this principle might, indeed, help to get your ex back. If you are trying to recover a broken relationship, your chance to win your ex back, will be heightened by knowing this.

First, it tells them that you were aware enough to see it in the first place. This is often as significant as the compliment itself. Often couples get to taking each other for granted and it not only generates dullness and a commonplace feeling about everything, it places the initiation of the next interaction on a bad starting point. Starting with a stated point of appreciation takes the pressure out of the moment and paves the way for a positive and calm interaction, regardless of the outcome. Couples with appreciation-acknowledging partners rarely have serious fights.

The stated point of appreciation is very significant. All of us live our lives in perpetual search for validation and acceptance of our worth and accomplishments. This confirms our entitlement to the happiness we have or seek. Sharing with our partner something specific about them or their actions serves to reconfirm how much we value their presence in our lives.

If you find yourself in a stressed relationship, try this simple test. Share with your partner a specific point of appreciation. Do it with a warm smile and then just walk away. You should see a return smile and a more open facial expression later that same day. This is your opportunity to extend and expand.

If you are attempting to get ex back from a breakup caused by the absence of appreciation, take heed.

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