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Thursday Food for Thought

We’ve run across situations in life that seem unbearable to the natural eye.  Looking at a particular situation from the outside, you may conclude that any man or woman in an unhealthy relationship needs to get out while they can or before it gets worse.  For some wanting a change, it may be a matter […]


Develop a Game Plan from Beginning to End

Cheating may begin to tear your relationship apart, and abuse can end it. Cheating and abuse may intertwine, especially when your spouse/mate is trying to cover their tracks or justify their actions. When the violence gets worse, the cheating aspect somehow becomes irrelevant. I read an article from Live Science website ( on “Why Women […]


Finding a Way Out When It Becomes Unhealthy

I listened to an elderly woman speak on her abuse from a 20 year marriage and watched as she broke down in tears discussing the many acts of unkindness on her spouse’s part. He had cheated on her with several women and had even fathered a few children during the course of their marriage. She […]