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We’ve run across situations in life that seem unbearable to the natural eye.  Looking at a particular situation from the outside, you may conclude that any man or woman in an unhealthy relationship needs to get out while they can or before it gets worse.  For some wanting a change, it may be a matter of fear.  Fear of starting over…fear of threats…fear of loneliness…fear of instability without your partner…fear of the dissolution of a family unit.  Whatever your fears, there’s nothing more fearful than being in an unhealthy situation and not knowing if tomorrow will be here for you.  What if today is your last day on earth?  What if today is your child’s last day on earth?  Or your spouse’s o r significant other’s last day?  Do you want the remembrance to be that which holds regrets?  Tomorrow isn’t promised.  Yesterday is gone.  All we have is today to get things in order for ourselves, our children, our friends and family.  If you are selflessly unhappy, amicably find a solution to get out.

Life is too short to think about what we could have done better, what we should have done better, what we will do next time around.  Get it done.  Deal with your present situation and change YOUR COURSE of action.  Do not sit around waiting for your spouse or boyfriend to change into this knight in shining armor.  You may end up with a jerk in aluminum foil.  Do not sit and wait for your wife or girlfriend to be the woman you prayed for.  She may end up being the wicked witch of the west.  Do not worry about others.  Change YOURSELF.

If you both decide to change your situation for the better, who will it harm?  Your pride or ego may be the only things hurt, but changing your outlook on life even if you don’t have the money, time, and resources to change your situation is one step closer to serenity.  It’s easier to change yourself or to remove yourself from anything unhealthy, than it is to insist someone else change their behavior.  You will lead down an endless cycle of switching relationships and attracting the same type of person you had in a previous relationship if you leave for selfish reasons.  Reevaluate your present situation and if need be, leave for SELFLESS reasons.  You need to look out for the greater good: for yourself, for children, if any, for your family, and even for your significant other.  Love yourself and them enough to know when to let go.  If you and your significant other decide to stay in the marriage…GREAT!  Get counseling and get things back on a healthier path.

Leaving or ending a relationship doesn’t constitute losing a battle.  It just means that you had enough courage to recognize that you loved yourself and another person enough to be happy and healthy.  Put their well-being first for just that moment.  You may be afraid, but you will find the peace you are looking for.  If needed, get spiritual guidance or psychological counseling.  The journey doesn’t end if you end a relationship.  It is the beginning—to show you how to love yourself, so that should you choose to date or begin another relationship, you are healthy enough and emotionally mature enough to deal with tough times.

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