A lot of relationships end only for the couple to get back together relatively quickly. They were just experiencing a short problem within the relationship and needed some time apart to work things. Other times it really is over and you need to start moving in. It can be hard to know at what point you should give up on the relationship so take a look at the points below in order to see where you are.

Was The Break Up a Good Idea?

Give this some thought, and take your time. It’s easy to have a very swift reaction, especially if the break up has been very emotional. Try to be as neutral as you can be, given the circumstances. Take into consideration the relationship, and what it’ll imply should you observe the different paths and choices open to you.

Do You Need To Apologize?

Contemplate whether or not you have something that it’s worthwhile to apologize for, particularly if there’s an obvious purpose why the relationship ended. It might be that you just don’t have to, but don’t suppose that any apology at the time of the break up counts.

It’s very possible than a apology made at the time will probably be seen as trying to stop the break up. Due to this fact, it’s unlikely that it will have been handled as if it was totally sincere. You’ll want to deal with this, if you are going to save the love.

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Do You Want To Forgive?

If the break up was attributable to your partner, are you prepared to forgive them? You won’t overlook something they’ve done, in a hurtful manner, but you have to be prepared to forgive them to repair the damage done. Forgiveness must be more than just words though; you actually have to mean it.

Are Old Issues Going To Come Back Up?

If you happen to get back together, what are the probabilities that the issues that drove you apart will resurface? You’ll have to work collectively to be sure that doesn’t happen. Forgiveness, on either side of the relationship, ought to mean that you just don’t revisit the past constantly.

You’ll need to communicate successfully to be sure that tensions don’t build up, like they might have done in the past. Be careful for any new tensions that could have an effect on your progress. The last thing you need is a relationship with a make up, then break up pattern.

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Can You Be The The Same Person They Fell In Love With?

And, of course, this applies to your partner too. Have you changed, as a person? This can happen naturally, over the course of a relationship, or it can be fuelled by the emotions of a break up. If either of you have changed it could cause stumbling blocks, for the relationship.

If you make the decision that you really want to make the relationship work you need to put aside any feelings of anger or resentment. If this is clear then there will be no reason for your partner to want to make the relationship work. It is time to start fresh and build on the good things that you had in your relationship in the past. At this point you can move in a positive direction.

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