When Women Cheat…it hurts a man and breaks a man.

Earlier we discussed why women cheat (see part 1 and part 2 articles dated 11/9/2010).  Researching different accounts of cheating instances, I ran across another book that may be helpful to our male viewers entitled, When Women Cheat.

 As women, if we haven’t already cheated, we may feel entitled to cheat because we’ve been cheated on or we may just be at a point where we ourselves don’t want to commit to one person.  Whether married or single, a woman has thought about and actually committed adultery.  This isn’t an article to degrade any women or give an excuse as to why they cheat.  This is strictly meant to help

BETA male understand why his ALPHA female is more domineering in her quest for love/lust.

As a mother, I find this helpful information to explain to my sons as they grow up and start dating.  I don’t want them to be too soft and suckered by someone who cannot remain faithful to him.  There are too many heartbroken young men who fall in love, only to be scorned permanently by an ALPHA female.  This may start a cycle of infidelity where that once-kindhearted man turns into an ALPHA male and begins cheating on every woman he decides to date and/or marry.

Our intent is to provide information to stop the repetitive cycle of infidelity.  We cannot stop an infidel, but we can find ways to help you cope and to find out whether your mate is cheating. 

This book will help you gain insight on:

  • Why women want to cheat
  • The Female Agenda
  • Dominant women and submissive men and the man’s feelings about that
  • Avoiding emotional distress and recovering from a cheating spouse/lover
  • Figuring out if your woman is an ALPHA female and you are a BETA male
  • Why women become unsatisfied and unhappy in their relationships faster than men do  
  • Why men try to please the women of the 21st century
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