We’ve agreed that for whatever reason, cheating is wrong on so many different levels. Yet cheaters cheat because they can, they want to, or because we may have driven them to that point with our own attitudes. Rest assured that the reasons that your mate cheats is not always your fault. So remember not to brow beat yourself into a coma wondering what you could do to get him/her to stop cheating. Sitting in a regular chatroom this weekend, the topic as usual came up about cheating and why men or women do it. Consensus agreed that: it just feels good. But the flipside of “it feels good” is what happens when it permanently hurts a person? Does it still feel good to keep doing what you do?

One of our former chat friends got married less than ten years ago to a man with whom she probably felt she would spend the rest of her life. Besides, he’s her husband, you would think no emotional harm should ever come to a woman because she can trust in the security of her husband. Her story is so interesting because again, she was unaware of the secrets her husband kept. A few years into their relationship prior to marriage, while they were dating, he decided to step outside their relationship, and chose not to tell her. As life moved on for them, they got married and she became pregnant with twins. During one of her prenatal exams, her gynecologist advised her that she was HIV positive (see Youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7CdQOuc3vQ). What a blow to a woman who was expecting great joy soon. But instantly she knew how and from whom she contracted this deadly disease. Sadly, in the midst of being told the shocking “new development”, she says that her spouse didn’t look sad or worried about her condition. The look he held was: “wow, they found out”.

When cheating goes wrong, there’s no easy way to make it a right. You think you may have found the other woman of your dreams, but you’ve walked yourself into a nightmare. Even that man that could do no wrong and was better than your husband, can turn out to be the worst mistake of your life. Cheating can cause a lifetime of disappointment and eventually can kill your mate…

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