When a Woman’s Fed Up

“So, what time are we meeting again? I can’t wait to spend time with you,” said her lover.

“Neither, can I,” she said. “Thursday is a better day for me. He’s out of town, and you can have me all to yourself.”

Sheryl decided it had been long enough. She needed companionship, affection, and passion in her current lifetime. She refused to believe the rebuttals from her husband regarding her not being worthy enough to receive attention. He constantly reminded her that what she wouldn’t do, another woman would. He used this reverse psychology tactic to make sure he got what he wanted. She got tired of listening to his selfish arguments and vowed to do something about her present pain. She reversed the roles. Her peace meant more to her than anything.

“You got quiet on me. What are you thinking about baby?” he asked.

“Nothing worth discussing,” she said. “You are all that matters to me right now, and I’m sincerely grateful you decided to give me a second chance. We just can’t get caught.”

“Don’t worry, you’re safe with me, you know that.”

“Thanks for understanding this weird situation. I’ve had enough of his lying, deceiving, and cheating, and what I need now is you to relieve me from all this stress.”

“He cannot love you the way I do, so I’m here to help you transition out of this mess. I wish I hadn’t let you go the first time. But I’m not going to make the same mistake twice.”
Is this about to happen in your marriage? Are you on the verge of giving up and throwing in the towel? What would you do in her situation? What if your wife were about to cheat, or worse, has already cheated on you and you didn’t know?

Should Sheryl work on intimacy in her relationship so that she can grow with her partner. We’ve visited Sheryl’s situation before where she’s found evidence of her husband’s affair. He’s previously denied his mistress, then he had become so bold as to let her know the affair will continue whether she agrees to stay married to him or not. Instead of listening to the negativity surrounding her from her spouse, we see that Sheryl has decided to find happiness outside of her marriage. Instead of relying on her spouse to fulfill her needs, to tell her how much he loves her, or to fill the void in her heart, he’s doing so with another woman. To retaliate, she turns to another man to complete her sexually, mentally, and emotionally.

Will she cheat and not get caught or will she decide to close the book on her marriage before she opens a new chapter in a new relationship?

Stay tuned…

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