Dilemma: Waiting is a gift. It takes a special person to wait, especially one who has patience wrapped in a plastic bag of perseverance. We’re in a microwave popcorn society. Everything has to be right now, quick, fast, and in a hurry. Even our high-speed internet is considered slow if it doesn’t navigate to the next page within 10 seconds. There’s probably someone out there right now, one click away from throwing their laptop down the garbage chute. Afternoon traffic is now backed up for miles, and forget about it when water hits the pavement. You’re bound to be sitting in that car until the hare finally realizes he’s been outwitted by the tortoise.

How many relationships that have withstood temptation began with one or both parties abstaining from sex and waiting until the right moment? Listening to Steve Harvey discuss the 90-day rule before sexual intimacy got me to thinking: if I were single again dating my “now” husband, would he wait for me? Or would he chunk up the deuce and move on to the next woman?

Challenge: Before giving up your heart, mind, and body to someone, think about whether or not they are going to be patient enough to wait until the time is right before intimacy. Then WAIT. Do nothing other than your normal routine without giving them the desires of their flesh, and refrain from giving into your own desires. This initial test is only to prove whether or not you both have the patience to withstand trying times in a long-term relationship.

Disclaimer: Individual results vary. However, it gives you an understand of whom you can share your inner-most desires.

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