It is never impossible to save a marriage and stop divorce from taking place. All that is needed is for both of you to deep down value your marriage even if relations have broken down quite seriously.

A marriage is no more than the sum total of the two people involved in it. It requires both parties to want to save the marriage if the marriage is to survive. If one person categorically wants a divorce then the marriage is over. However in most cases, both people want to try and preserve things and it only takes the actions of one of them to start looking for solutions. If you actively seek to restore your marriage, your partner is likely to give your attempts a chance.

You should work on saving your marriage as early as you can. Where possible you should avert crises and begin on restoration as soon as warning signs begin to appear. Some of the classic signs are frequent rows or long periods of silence between you and also if it becomes increasingly evident that you have little in common except perhaps a shared roof and family. It is particularly dangerous if either of you have started flirting beyond the marriage even if no affairs have actually started.

Immediately you are aware that your marriage is in trouble, you can try to reverse the situation by being frank with your partner. You can tell him/her how you feel and how important the marriage is to you. Tell them that you want to do whatever it takes to restore your marriage. Then you should initiate practices that might be able to help. You could start doing things together as a couple; either a sporting activity, a spiritual circle or dance group may suit you.

You may need help to save your marriage. Do not be afraid to seek professional intervention. You may choose to go for marriage guidance. There are many well known organizations such as or Relate who specialize in marriage counselling.

Your partner may need some extra convincing before taking this route. However, you should attend without them if necessary. They may be able to be persuaded a little later when they see that you are committed to the process.

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