Sexual Addictions: Can They
Damage Your Health?

A sexual addiction or obsession is not as obscure as may people seem to believe. A sexual addiction is a condition in which the addict’s high sex drive is atypical, which is accompanied by uncharacteristic obsessions with sexual activities. Sex addicts typically experience difficulties focusing attention to non-sexual-related topics, causing problems with interpersonal relationships with possible dire consequences, since such addicts have a tendency to force their obsessions on unwilling participants. This is not to say that a sex addict is necessarily violent or predatory.

Sex Addiction Marks

A common characteristic of a sex addict is his (or her) constant attempts to defend such behavior as not abnormal. Sex addicts are also prone to acute risk-taking behavior, seemingly unaware of the many damaging outcomes that can arise from the corresponding behavior.

Online Sexual Addiction

These days, the web serves as an unregulated source of material on anything imaginable, feeding an extraordinary sexual obsession growth rate. Internet sex addiction is rapidly becoming the most prevalent form of sexual addiction because of the ubiquity of sexual material online. Online, one can easily access pornographic images, erotic literature, discussion forums, and communities serving all types of sexual fetishes. Unfortunately, in many cases, this easy access to the material rarely satiates these obsessions; they only serve to intensify them.

Sexual Obsession Treatment

To restore the balance of healthy body and mind, professional treatment is usually required for complete recovery from a battle with sex addiction. There are several trained therapists specializing in sexual issues who can initiate an effective course of treatment. Sexual behavior therapy has proven to be effective in treating online sex addictions when the addict fully participates in such treatment plans.

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