1. Own up to your mistakes.
  2. Own up to the bad choices that you’ve made.
  3. Own up to the selfish need to be right.
  4. Own up to the fear of being alone.
  5. Own up to the fear of rejection.
  6. Own up to the fact that you love him, but he doesn’t love you.
  7. Own up to the misconception that you can change him.
  8. Own up to the fact you chose a mate over your child(ren).
  9. Own up to the fact that you put God last to do your own will.
  10. Own up to the fact that you blame everyone else, but yourself.

Owning up to any hard truth about yourself is the hardest thing you will ever have to do.  Understand the difference between right and wrong.  Common sense isn’t common because if it were everyone would have it.  Know your limits.  Know your own boundaries.  Know what is wrong choice and what is the right choice to make for yourself, your children, for your family, and even for your closest friends.  Own up to the mistakes you’ve made and learn to forgive yourself for those mistakes.  Move forward.  Don’t look back at what has already passed.  Look forward to a brighter future, and own your present situations.  Stand firm in God that He has given you a spirit of power, of love, and of a sound mind to make the right choices for your life and those affected by your life.

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  1. Stephanie Avatar

    Great advice! I can see how I can benefit from it. I’m borrowing this to hang up in our break room.

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