Marriage seminars are becoming very popular with a variety of people.  Some of these seminars are for couples considering getting married and others are for already married couples. The idea is that when they attend these seminars, the couple learns strategies that will help them handle the inevitable challenges that come with marriage.  The person leading the seminar will show them how to explore their different responses and how best to communicate with each other. 

Can instruction before marriage make the marriage better?  That is actually hard to quantify as it is difficult to measure the success rate. If a couple attends a relationship seminar and decides not to get married, the seminar may have prevented a divorce but no one keeps any statistics on them.  Only couples that went ahead and married are counted, so the statistics are skewed.

The other form of marriage seminar is the one organized for those that are already married. There are a wide variety available.  Some are designed to help couples make an OK marriage even better. Others are intended to help couples whose marriage is already in trouble. Some seminars are focus on emotional issues while others may deal directly with sexual questions. A common theme is to create a non-critical situation where a couple can get their relationship in perspective and get some ideas on how to make it better. 

In general, anything a couple can do to strengthen their relationship is worth trying. It can also be a great help to get information from other sources aside from a seminat.  A great program for anyone wants to improve their marriage is Save My Marriage Today.  As the title suggests, this program is aimed at those who are having problems and want to resolve them.  Even if you haven’t reached the point of breakup you can benefit from reading and applying the knowledge that you learn from courses like these. You can learn about two other excellent programs at: Magic of Making Up Review and 2nd Chance Romance Review.

We can all benefit from better relationship and communication skills.  Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a threat to our marriage to realize that we need help and soon.  It would be much better to develop the skills needed to avoid problems in the first place. Consider attending a marriage seminar, and at least check out the information at the sources I just gave you. A happy and loving marriage is well worth working on.

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