Marriage Counseling

Most marriages cannot survive an affair. Divorce, abuse, resentment, and other negative consequences are the aftermath of divorce. What do you think? Is it possible to trust your mate after an affair and start over? I think it is possible to heal and if both parties are willing to make the marriage work, it is possible to save the marriage. How do I know? I don’t, but I’m learning.

My husband and I are still recovering from his affair from three years ago. We finally decided to stop taking others’ advice, and we went to marriage counseling. Our first session was absolutely fabulous. He aired his concerns with how I act, and I aired my concerns with what happened in this affair. We were counseled by a husband and wife team at our church. The main points they hit on throughout our session is that in order to heal, first we had to ask for forgiveness, and secondly we had to forgive the one asking for forgiveness.

We’ve mentioned before that forgiveness heals the forgiver, not the forgivee. We have a few more sessions to go, so follow our progress… Stay tuned for more updates on marriage counseling.

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