If you were like me, the moment you found out your spouse was cheating or that your girlfriend wanted to leave you, your heart started beating fast and you thought you couldn’t breathe.  Perhaps your stress comes from being the only person in the marriage who is working, and bills are piling up.  Maybe you are facing a divorce.  Maybe you are single and have more expenses than income.  Things can spiral out of control when you add children and other family members into your mix.  Lack of resources or money to pay bills can cause anxiety attacks.

Good news

Click Here for Your Panic Attack Survival Guide

You are not alone.  You do not have to suffer from panic attacks or any anxiety disorder without seeking help.  If you don’t have the health insurance needed to get psychological counseling, this guide can be just “what the doctor ordered.”  Learn how to identify panic attacks and how to control them.  Learn how to defuse your anxiety and determine whether medication is needed for severe cases.  Get information on anxiety attacks that are left untreated and the health complications that can arise. Even learn how to face your issues head on so that you know when an attack is coming and how to end them.

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