June 20, 2012

To The Other Woman,

You probably think all my venting posts are in reference to you. You may even assume I live my every waking moment to find out what YOU are doing. In fact, it is quite the opposite. My comments used to be about you years ago, but not anymore.

From having your family members add me on Facebook to discuss my marital issues, to you following me on Twitter “anonymously”, to you befriending my in-laws, to even staying in touch with your partner in crime…. I’ve come to appreciate your stalker actions. They spoke louder than any word ever spoken to me. Sun-Tzu’s The Art of War states, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” so that explains why you may have kept up with our life, just as I tried finding out what you were doing. Thankfully, my mind and heart are at ease and I’m thinking clearer.

I learned so much from that experience. I applaud your attempt to tear a family apart, unfortunately what God has joined together, no man could tear apart. You actually brought me closer to my husband after this affair. Our sex life has gotten better and I’m happier than ever. We learned how to communicate our needs, and although we have spats from time to time, we work them out to prevent further infidelity.

I don’t hate you, nor will I ever fault you for your part in this matter. That is in fact YOUR own mistake from which you must learn. On my part, I admit at first in my devastation to deal with “that issue”, I went about it entirely wrong. So verbally and publicly I apologize. I’ll be the bigger person to admit I handled some things unprofessionally and unladylike. I did not like WHAT you did, but I appreciate it making me the woman I am today. I’ve forgiven your partner in crime, so here’s my short note to tell you that I forgive you too. Whether you accept the apology or continue to “do you”…is not in my control anymore.


A Happy Wife

P.S. Happy belated birthday.

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2 responses to “Letter to the Other Woman”

  1. Kim Avatar

    I’m sure whatever behavior you engaged in regarding the other woman is perfectly understandable. Unless someone has been in your situation, there really is no room for any kind of judging. But in all seriousness, why give the other woman the satisfaction of seeing you tortured? I would have ignored her and given HIM my full energy if, indeed, I still wanted him.

  2. Emily Avatar

    It’s amazing what love and lust forces us to do. Things we would find disturbing in other people we rationalize with ourselves. This is a great post. Thanks for sharing.

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