Let Go (Resolution #4)

Healthy heart, healthy mind, healthy friends, healthy family, healthy lifestyle… is not just a myth. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel as if you have no choice but to put up with their irrational behavior, their infidelity, or their selfishness.

Letting go of your past and any unhealthy person from your past doesn’t mean that you have lost anything. Letting go (Resolution #4) will be painful. But pain is weakness leaving the body, as the cliche informs us. Any person or situation that causes us any pain has to leave our mind and our hearts. Unhealthy living will weaken your mind and heart. If you don’t depend or lean on family and friends, thinking that you can solve your problems by yourself, you may lose this battle.

Again, letting go doesn’t mean you’ve lost. It means you’ve had the courage to realize that you are so much better without anything negative, unhealthy, or irrational standing in your way. If that other woman or other man is standing in your mate/spouse’s background encouraging them to leave, then give them the desires of their heart. Why fight the other woman for a man whose still fighting you? Why fight the other man for a woman who doesn’t allow you to touch her? Affairs are painful to deal with. Relationships are about two people communicating, trusting, loving, and sacrificing themselves for the other person. An affair just means that someone doesn’t know how to count.

Let go, move on, and don’t make the same mistake twice.

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