Keep it Passionate

Before you decide to cheat on your spouse or boyfriend, and before you decide to lay down with a woman who belongs to someone else…CHECK THIS OUT!

It is not too late to spice up your current relationship. Unless the relationship is emotionally, physically, and mentally abusive…there may be hope in saving that once passionate relationship. The spark you feel for someone else is the same spark that can be provided in your current relationship if you make a conservative effort to make the first move.

What did you do in the beginning that brought you both immeasurable joy and pleasure? Whatever you did to attract him or her, is what you have to do again to keep the relationship alive. Did you embarrass her by publicly standing up and reciting a love poem about her beauty? Did you have a picnic in the park spontaneously or stop her abruptly while she’s cooking and cleaning to tell her to sit down and you’ll finish the rest of the chores so she could have a break? Did you run his bath water, massage him, cook his favorite meal and ask about his long day at work? Have you sat next to him and sincerely watched a football game without an argument?

A kiss can go a long way. Keep It Simply Sexy…

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