If you’re a man and worried that the special woman in your life might leave you, then you need to read the following advice. The question of why women leave men starts back to the dawn of relationships. Many guys think they have got the answer, however , you can be surprised.

The longer a romance lasts, the more time there may be for tiny problems to stack up. A casual remark here, a hurt feeling there, or the random funny look all have their own way of racking up. Your girlfriend or wife would possibly not even touch upon many of these things after they happen, nevertheless you can be sure they are remembering them. It’s similar to a bank account that keeps a running tally.

Whenever you do something to upset her or hurt her feelings, it’s similar to a debit to her bank account; doing something she likes counts as a credit. The problem is that it requires many credits to challenge a debit, but it is very difficult to eliminate all the debits. The best you are able to wish for is to continue making enough deposits for her never to raise the debits.

That alone can be a problem, but that is not the only explanation why women leave men. One other main cause is the fact that men hardly understand women. They believe they understand what they expect, but that thinking is usually faulty and only leads to more difficulties. Most guys are taught that women are emotionally needy and should have a man around to take care of her. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to support all your family, however, you need to be careful you don’t treat your wife or significant other as though she were relying on you.

Roles certainly are a major factor in any kind of relationship. You have to be aware that she’s your equal partner. She is not an object or your new mother. Again, there is nothing wrong with taking good care of each other, but you have to be sure that you are not crossing the line straight into other roles. You might also need to be careful that you’re not taking her as a given.

There is yet another thing you can apply to help prevent her from leaving you. What exactly is it? Communicating. Well, to be more precise: productive communication. When you think about it, even a disagreement is a kind of communication, it is just that it is negative. You must learn to engage with your wife or girlfriend, and the easiest way to start out is to be able to listen. This can be hard for guys to do, nevertheless, you have to understand how if you love her and need her to remain.

It must be noted that all these things are generalizations. All women differ, and that uniqueness ought to be applauded. It can be tricky attempting to do things right, but while you are doing it for the right reasons; it will come about. Keep working at becoming a better man for her and then you won’t need to bother about why women leave men.

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