Hacking Your Life

A friend of mine had an affair, but broke it off with his mistress.  He felt morally obligated to work on his marriage, so he ended the affair and patiently tried to mend his wife’s broken heart.  Unfortunately for the mistress, because my friend forgave himself for his act of infidelity, he vowed to pray daily with his wife and show her the same compassion he once showed his mistress.  He asked his wife and God to forgive him.  Although the other woman was no longer in his life, she tried to remain in his and his wife’s for as long as the internet would allow her to.  The other woman was displeased with the resolution my friend had made.  She took matters into her own hands to break up his marriage completely in order for him to return to her. 

The other woman began stalking him and his wife on the internet through social networking sites by stealing their passwords to their online account and posting obscene and false information on their page.  The other woman would purposefully interact with my friend’s family members just to keep tabs on him.  She even sent blank sender emails to his wife to hack into her email account.  His wife noticed every so often a personal email that she’d sent him years ago kept reappearing in her inbox as a forwarded message.  When she asked a computer-savvy co-worker what that meant, he checked into her email account to discover that there was a third party company attached to her account who would forward emails while remaining an unknown sender. 

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Fed up and disgusted by the other woman’s childish tactics to win him back.  He wanted to end the madness.  His wife was distraught because she kept reminding him that this could turn deadly.  He cared more for his wife and children, so my friend decided to read up on internet computer hacking…

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