For A Moment

I talked with Jesus for a moment.
We stood at a dark entrance.
It looked like a cave.
His attire was an all-white robe.
I think I was wearing black.
Hesitantly, I said, “Lord if you would let me go back
So that I can fit in somewhere…”
He said, “You don’t belong down there.
You’ve been drafted, and we need you here.”
Stubborn in my former life, and stubborn in my afterlife,
I stopped following him and said,
“Wait, I forgot to give my husband instructions.
He won’t know what to do without me.”
“Don’t worry I’ll give him instructions on what to do.
I hesitated again, “Jesus you just don’t understand.
I’m not good enough for your world and I never fit in down there.”
“No need to cry, my child. I’ve been watching you since birth.
You’ve fit in so well down there,
That God himself asked if you can help Him up here.”

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