How can you tell if he’s moved on mentally and physically to another relationship?  Most women can tell by the level of intimacy that is shared or not shared.  Others just have that gut-feeling that is often categorized as women’s intuition.  If you are unaware as to whether he truly cares or respects you, here are signs that he has no respect for you at all:

  1. He calls the other woman from your home telephone.
  2. He drives them around in your family vehicle.
  3. He brings her/them to your home.
  4. He has sex with her/them in your bed.
  5. He listens to everyone else’s opinion and thoughts but overlooks yours.
  6. He physically abuses you.
  7. He says negative things to lower your self-esteem.
  8. He curses at you or calls you out your name (i.e. the “b” word).
  9. He walks out of the house and doesn’t return home for hours and gives no indication of his whereabouts.
  10. He’s quick to yell, to blame, and to accuse you of every minor or major catastrophe.

How do you solve these issues?  Can marriage or relationship counseling help?  That answer is better left up to the couple.  You cannot force the other person to do things your way or to “make it right.”  But you can choose what to do and how to go about doing it.  Life is what you make of it.  What you go through is minimal compared to how you deal with the situation.  Don’t fall apart at the seams if things are shaky or if you’re experiencing any of the signs above.  Have hope that your troubled relationship will either get better or you will have the strength to get out of it.  Ending the relationship is not defeat or a sign of weakness.  One gains strength knowing they have power and control to let go.

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