Upon reviewing Christian websites, I’ve noticed the prayer request pages consisted of families in turmoil dealing with issues such as infidelity, finances, negative friendships, unemployment, and health concerns. Consistently these people were looking for a new beginning, a healing, or a resolution to their everyday problems. Sadly, if there’s no solid foundation to handle difficult issues, problems can seem overwhelming.

Are you looking for a job, but cannot find one? Is your spouse choosing the other woman over you or are you neglected in your marriage? Are your children on drugs and you’re out of ideas to get them help? Are bills due, but no funds available to pay them?

Take each moment as a challenge to do something greater for not only yourself and your family, but for someone else who may be going through something in which you’ve already overcome. For example, suppose your children have a learning disability and finally with prayer, counseling, and educational assistance, your child has mastered the techniques in order to boost their grades. What if you come across a family member, friend or total stranger who may be going through that same issue with their children? You wouldn’t be considered a know-it-all if you offered friendly advice or input on how to handle their child’s learning disability.

Alan Wilson’s Christian Affirmations Virtual Book will help you gain strength in your relationships with God, family and friends in order to:
• Discover God’s love for you
• Recognize who you are in Christ
• Study the bible
• Review sermon outlines and group discussions

Daily prayer is essential in order to keep your mind, body, soul healthy and free from stress and adversity. This is not to say that difficult times will never exist, but while studying these affirmations you should be able to recognize a problem and face your situations head on with no fear of the unknown. Your problems do not go away, but you should be able to get through them stronger than before. What you feed your body will help you grow physically. The same goes for your mind and soul.

Spiritual disclaimer: Individual results may vary, however, you won’t know until you try. Even if you have a busy schedule, check out these affirmations which are available on mp3 for your convenience.

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