Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy Counseling Can Help Remove Insecurities

A “happy couple” is a rarity these days. There are many instances in which a relationship ends within just a few months. Even worse. are those factors at the root of the problems which cause relationships to fail. Also, the pettiest issue can result in huge battles that puts an end to the romance and can, in fact, ruin lives.

That is the reason couples therapy has become more preferred. You’ll find many fewer relationships that survive for extended periods. What’s more, many long term relationships are now crumbling. It really is sad how one may fail to realize what s/he may be doing to the lives of those in the partnership.

The principal reasons for break ups are often so trivial that they’re laughable. Competing with the partner is one particular cause. Seriously, s/he is your partner. Not the adversary. An additional, typical cause is ego clash. Each partner neglects to put aside ego and, as a result, it significantly jeopardizes the relationship. From time to time, the couple does not even know the actual causes of the constant fights that ultimately lead to the dreaded break up.

This really is where the counselor helps. The counselor’s major task would be to take heed to both and make each hear what the other is saying. Lack of communication and misunderstanding one another can cause problems so severe that it is sometimes shocking. Thus, couples therapy is geared towards connecting to, and concluding what the exact dilemma is. The items that led towards the most egregious issue are listed. The past and present events that may have contributed to the fights or the break up are evaluated. It can also be the therapist’s task to keep the environment calm enough so that the couple does not begin bickering during the session, wasting valuable time.

Once the psychologist comprehends what the problem is, s/he will give advice to each partner. It depends upon the scenario, but the most common advice is to interact more and really listen to one another. Try seeing things from the other person’s point of view and let go off egos and short tempers. In some rare cases, the therapist may also recommend medication if either partner has lapsed into depression due to the current situation. S/He shows that sharing of obligations is vital, and that each has to take some initiative in rebuilding the romantic relationship and strengthening the ties between them. Fredrick Counselling offers these services and is a very good provider of couples therapy and counseling services for stressed couples.

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  1. Joe Avatar

    An even handed article. “really listen to one another” So true. There is so much selfishness and a my way or the highway mentality. I will also add some advice given about marriages is completely stupid. One blog said there was a new book called “Secret Lives of Wives” and they advice given by this book was complete hypocrisy. Even hinted about cheating.

    If so, this has to be one of the dumbest books ever written. No wonder why they author concluded “men should not get married”. Mariage should be about support not backstabbing.

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